in the woods

My name is Alexey Vasilyev. I am hobbyist classical guitar player, who spends time playing different sounds, listing to them, learning new tricks, trying to grasp the musical theory and the art of making guitar arrangements. On a practical side, this allows me to play melodies i've always wanted to play before but did not know how. Last but not least I have lots of fun in doing so. Music washes negativity away.

I am not doing this all by myself. One of the best things i have done since I last picked up my guitar from the dusty shelf was to seek help from a professional musician. Very grateful to my teacher for the improvements I see in my playing in recent years!

This web site is designed to share the melodies i play on my youtube channel with anyone interested to learn them. This is all it does. Mostly this isn't difficult stuff to play. Some music scores and tabs here are free, some are not. If interested, please proceed to the Music Score tab.

Thanks for stoping by. Wish you all the best which life has to offer :)